Sonali Bhogle
Yet one more favorite Maharashtrian snack is the Kothimbir Vadi. Kothimbir is the Marathi word for coriander leaves.

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Recipe with Photos 

1/2 packed cups Coriander Leaves, finely chopped 

1 cup Gram Flour/Besan
3-4 Green Chillies, finely chopped 

4-5 Garlic cloves, finely chopped

¼ cup roasted crushed peanuts
1 Tsp Sugar
2 Tbsp Oil
Salt to Taste
1-2 Cup or as required Water


Heat Pan/ Kadai.Add oil and wait till it gets heated.Now add chopped garlic and green chillies to it.

Add water, Sugar and Salt .Once it boils add gram flour, crushed peanuts and chopped coriander leaves and stir vigorously.

If you stop stirring lumps can be formed.Stir until mixture becomes thick.Mixture should become nicely thick.It will take approx 8-10 min. 

Grease one plate  with oil and pour batter into it. Spread it evenly. Let it cool properly before you un-mould it.

Cut it into desired shapes. Now you can either serve it as it is or continue with next step.

Heat oil in a pan and Shallow or Deep Fry on both sides till they turn golden brown and crisp.
Serve these Kothimbir Vadis as snacks with any chutney or tomato sauce or as side dish with Rice and Dal and enjoy. 


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